Toseki An Acupressure Massage and Reiki
in Bethnal Green near Hackney, East London

How often should I have treatment?
It depends on your condition. In severe cases you may have a few weekly treatments to begin with to reach the state that your body and mind can support itself. Then frequency of treatment gets less.

It is advisable to have regular monthly treatment to maintain a state of well being.

Any after care?
1) Please rest and avoid vigorous activity on the day of your treatment.

What do I wear?
For Acupressure Massage, you will be asked to undress to your underwear and provided with big towels to wrap around you. During the treatment, you will be covered at all times with towels, and only the parts that are being massaged will be uncovered. Your comfort and protection is an important part of my treatment.

Reiki is administrated with patient's cloths on.

There are a number of conditions that could prevent a treatment taking place.
If you have any concerns please contact me so I am able to advise you further.

What is the cancellation Policy?
Please give 24 hours notice to avoid the cancellation fee.

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