Toseki An Massage and Japanese Reiki Therapy
in Bethnal Green near Hackney, East London

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What is Holistic Massage?
Holistic Massage is a relaxing full body massage, using a range of gentle massage strokes. The body tissues, muscles, tendons and skin are manipulated by the human hand. The various techniques used detoxify the body and naturally improves blood and lymphatic flow, lifting the mind and the body as a whole.

What is Warm Bamboo Massage?
It is a form of deep tissue massage, and focuses on stiff and knotted muscles to a deeper level. The therapist uses slow and deep strokes across the grain of the muscles using compressed bamboo sticks to release the tension. The stability and the heat from the bamboo sticks add an extra element to deep massage work, achieving further physical and emotional release.

What is Japanese Reiki Therapy?
It is not a massage treatment, but an energetical therapy. It reconnects the energetic fields inside and outside of the human body, and balances the energy flow within the body. Having a quality internal energy flow is vital for a person to be healthy and function fully.

The therapist uses gentle stimulation from the hands on to various points on the body. It can be applied on tight stressed areas as well as injured, fragile and sensitive areas. It does not involve any physical manipulation. Reiki Healing originates in Japan, and has been used by therapists all over the world.

Bespoke Treatment
Every treatment is planned differently according to the patient’s needs. It is possible to combine techniques from Holistic Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage and Japanese Reiki Healing to achieve the best results.

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